Sunday, August 15, 2010

When did this happen?

We're down to the home stretch now, but there are still a lot of things that we have to do to get ready for the baby. Many of these things are merely details...pack the hospital bags, preregister, make arrangements for the dog, stuff like that. Although most of these tasks are matters of simple details, one of our baby-related responsibilities caught me off guard recently.

On a Thursday evening, Kristen and I attended an open house for a pediatrician. We really liked the practice, the facilities and the doctor we spoke with. What threw me off was being back in a pediatrician's office again. Throughout my childhood, I saw Dr. Marvin Giddings as my pediatrician and despite the fact that visits to the doctor are rarely fun, I have nothing but positive memories of him.

But now I'm in a new pediatrician's office not as a patient, but as a parent. I really can't believe seems like I missed a step somewhere. When did I graduate from going to the pediatrician to bringing my child there? I don't know if I have ever felt more like an adult than I did standing and listening to vaccine schedules and insurance information. Now I'm picking a doctor for my child...I can't think of anything that could underscore more the huge (and exciting) changes that are coming in our lives.


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