Wednesday, September 1, 2010

39 weeks (according to Jon)

How Far Along:
39 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 27 pounds

How Big is Baby: The doctor said she thinks the baby is 7 lbs. It appears to be about the size of a watermelon.

Maternity Clothes? Fo sho...and she makes them look GOOOOD!

Sleep: She claims she is up all the time...I cannot vouch for this since I am sleeping like a log, except for the times she wakes me up to massage her cramping calf.

Best Moment this Week: Freaking out our family with totally innocent phone calls.

Movement: It's like a scene from Alien all the time.

Food Cravings: She seems to want chocolate often...Frostys and such seem to be more frequent.

Gender: My guess is still a girl...

Labor Signs: Nope. (Unless continued dilation counts!)

Belly Button In or Out? Outie...and I think it's cute.

Stretchmarks? It doesn't matter...I love her whether or not she has them (although she says she hasn't seen any).

How are you feeling: Great! I'm not tired or anything. Oh, but Kristen...she is sleeping a lot, moving slower and generally behaving like she is a bit tired of carrying around the baby!

What I am looking forward to: Being a father and making my parents grandparents.

What I miss: Being able to be more than 10 miles/15 minutes from Kristen...I know she'll be fine, but I don't want to leave her for fear that I won't be there when this party starts.

Weekly Wisdom: Everything is out of your control...know that He who has been will continue to be faithful!

Milestones: There's a carseat in the back of my car...I think that counts.



That carseat definitely counts. Your mom really enjoyed this!! I'm praying for you three!


How wonderful! Laura, thanks for giving us this site. I can't wait to see the little one and want lots of pictures! :) Yes, car seat is a biggie! Blessings on all three**


Too cute!!! So so so excited for you guys, I know I just keep saying it, but it is absolutely amazing to become parents, too fun!!! And Kristen, you look ADORABLE!!!

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