Monday, December 13, 2010

Aiden Here

Mommy has been so busy with work lately that I decided I would man the blog for a while. Let me tell you a little about life as a 3 month old. Every day holds more exciting things to explore and enjoy. My friend George and I like to hang out. He used to be as big as me...

but he seems to be growing smaller by the day.
When I'm not lounging around with George I love spending quality time with mommy and daddy. A few days ago they got all excited when they saw this white stuff coming down outside. They called it snow. Mom and dad bundled me up and took me outside where is was really cold and they took a ton of pictures. They kept telling me that this was my first snow.

Since the weather has gotten so cold we spend most of our time inside. When I get bored of just sitting around...
I enjoy standing up when mom and dad hold my hands, although I do get a bit shaky. I've also gotten pretty good at holding my head up. When I'm on my tummy I get tired and decide to roll over. The other night I surprised daddy when he found that I had rolled over from my back onto my tummy. I don't really like to recline any more so I'm always trying to pull myself up to a sitting position, that way I can see EVERYTHING. Sometimes when I'm really tired or mom and dad aren't giving me enough attention I get cranky.

Lately, instead of crying when I get cranky I've found something really interesting, my hands. They keep me entertained for a long time and they also taste good.

A few weeks ago Mommy went back to work. I could tell she was upset because she tried to smuggle me out of the house with her.

Since mommy has gone back to work dad has done a great job taking care of me at night and I've made sure to make the transition easy by sleeping better. Well there are many more things I could tell you about but it's time to eat and head to bed so I should get going. Next post I'll share about my first Christmas! We already have our tree up and everything!!

Peace out!



Lol! Thanks for the update Aiden! You are so handsome and I can't wait to meet you! Keep being good for your mommy and daddy. They both love you VERY much!


Adorable. Love the photo of his fussy face!




Aiden -- you're a WRITER! I'm so proud of you, journaling at 3 months. Can't wait to get ahold of you, little boy.

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