Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hospital Tour

There seems to be a never-ending checklist when it comes to preparing for a baby's arrival. Between doctor appointments, registering for needed baby items, childbirth classes, saving up money etc it can all be a bit overwhelming. I've never been one who is good at seeing the whole picture and then breaking things into manageable pieces. I do much better when I'm given the multiple steps that are needed to arrive at the goal so that I see what specific tasks need to get done. It's a good thing that there is plenty of information out there on what soon to be parents need to think about when preparing for their new addition. As Jon and I have slowly been checking things off our to-do list our most current accomplishment has been touring our hospital.

We were exhausted due to working the night before but once we started the tour the two of us couldn't help but get excited. Walking through the halls of the hospital made this journey seem even more real, as if this baby inside me wasn't enough! Our guide walked us through where we need to come in to register, triage, labor and delivery rooms, the nursery and after care rooms for mother and baby. I love it!! According to my countdown I have 60 days left until D-Day. Good grief! I wonder when this little one will choose to make his or her appearance.

Next things on our checklist:
- Find a pediatrician
- Finish writing our birth plan (there may be a good blog post coming associated with this, we'll see.)



I am so excited for you Kristen!!


I can't wait, either, Kristen!

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